Comprehensive Masternode Portfolio Dashboard

Almost all you need to know about your masternodes' status. Click on the glowing orbs below to discover what makes it special.


One Dashboard to rule them all

Running nodes that generate passive income is a numbers game. The dashboard makes those numbers easier to understand and your portfolio's health easier to follow. Here's what you need to know.

  • As much information as you need...

    Your dashboard will show your nodes' ROI, Worth, Exits, time elapsed since your last reward and more.

  • As little information as you need.

    If you can only afford a cursory glance every odd day or so, your dashboard also shows you your overall portfolio's health.

  • Deploy new nodes

    All GIN accounts have a big plus. No, really - hit the big "+" on your dashboard and launch new nodes quickly and easily.

  • Best support on the market

    Great support is part of the GIN product. If you need any help with your nodes or account, we're here for you.