Masternodes made easy with GIN

With a few clicks you can now set up, monitor and manage your masternodes. No technical skills required

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  • The 1st of our kind

    We have pioneered the first passive income platform for hosting masternodes in Feb 2018.

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  • Best value

    From $3.15/month get deployment, management, monitoring and support in one package.

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  • Global & Safe

    We host your nodes all over the world without your coins ever leaving your wallet.

Keep tabs on all your nodes

Never lose track of any of your nodes and have complete knowledge of the most important statistics

  • Gin Value Proposition

    Total Portfolio Value

    The total portfolio value represents the aggregated value of all of your assets.

  • Gin Value Proposition

    Total Exits

    The exits are withdrawals of rewards from your masternode addresses, whether they are used to set up a new node or not.

  • Gin Value Proposition

    Meaningful statistics

    Always know the 24h reward value of your nodes, together with their weekly/monthly/yearly forecasted value.